RECORDED Workshop: We Will Teach You in a Box- Exploring the Challenges and Limitations of Zoom Teaching on Saturday 02 06 2021

Recorded Workshop:   We Will Teach You in a Box

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Why We Stay Home

We will teach you in a box (Final)

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We Will Teach You in a Box

Exploring the Challenges and Limitations of Zoom Teaching

While Opening Up Possibilities Together

Preschool Director and current Zoom Teacher will share her experiences and journeys as she transitioned a community to online learning. She will share inspiring stories of successes and challenges as she navigates this new world to support parents who are choosing to homeschool through a pandemic.

Featured Presenter:  Sylvia Rath, School Director and Parenting Coach

Sylvia started her career as a Preschool Teacher for La Playa Cooperative Nursery School almost 30 years ago when she had a young preschooler herself.  In 1999 she moved on to become Director at Little Village Nursery School overseeing a staff of 9 Teachers.  She remained hands-on with children as much as possible by reading stories and enriching the program with music and movement.  Working with a small community of 40 children and 20 in a “Parent and Me” class,  Sylvia was able to support parents with parent education and promote developmental preschool education. Working through the State of California’s ECE Director Mentor program, Sylvia has also been a leader in her community, coaching both Teachers and Directors to encourage more growth and longevity in the ECE field.

Now, with COVID-19, Sylvia, like many, have been challenged on a whole new level. The onsite school has been temporarily closed and moved online to Zoom classes.  Struggling to keep the community together on a decreasing budget she was forced to furlough the teachers and become the sole Zoom Teacher. It has been a journey of experiences and discovery of what is possible through the screen.  Her love of teaching has helped motivate her through what was thought to be a program that would only be a few weeks, but now is approaching a full year. During that time, she has created best practices through trial and error to ensure the most engaging but still developmentally appropriate experience possible for both children and parents.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

11:40 a.m. – Log on/Welcome/Introductions/Resources

12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m. – Presentation by Sylvia Rath

1.5 hour Zoom Webinar/1.5 Hours of Professional Development

Professional Development Certificates Provided to Attendees After Completion of Evaluation/Survey Following Event.

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