Join or Renew – Membership

  • Professional growth is an important and on-going aspect of professionalism. The Southern California Chapter of CAAEYC provides opportunities to connect and network with educators that work with young children and their families, in your professional community.   Joining or renewing your membership in CAAEYC, your local professional network, will offer a variety of benefits, detailed in Benefits of Membership on this website and link you to colleagues in the Southern California Chapter.

    For information regarding membership, contact or visit

    When you join, you become a member of NAEYC (National), CAAEYC (California) and receive information that will provide access to events in the Southern California Chapter.

    The National Association for the Education of Young Children ( handles all membership processing for CAAEYC.  When you log on to the NAEYC website, you will need to join the California State Affiliate-CAAEYC as your affiliate (