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  • Shaping excellent early care and education leaders and

    systems in the region,  now and in the future.

    From its beginnings in 1939, SCC-CAAEYC has had an instrumental role shaping local and state-wide policy and practices in early childhood. At the 2003 SCC-CAAEYC Board/Affiliate retreat, the vote remained strong to continue SCC-CAAEYC as a regional support for professional development. The SCC-CAAEYC Board of Directors continues to create a format so the organization can serve members from Los Angeles County.

    SCC-CAAEYC is a regional organization of individuals dedicated to nurturing the growth and development of early childhood leaders in Southern California and advocating for the highest quality early education for all children.


    The 2018 SCC-CAAEYC Board Retreat

    The 2016 SCC-CAAEYC Installation of Officers


    The 2016 SCC-CAAEYC Board Retreat


    At the 2014 Installation of Officers, the SCAEYC Board (pictured below) and guests also celebrated 75 years as a professional organization.

    SCAEYC 75th AnniversaryIMG_0389

    Past Presidents of SCC-CAAEYC from Left to Right:

    Back Row:  Holly Reynolds, Fran Johnson, Kathleen Pompey, Fran Chasen, and guest, Emily Petito

    Front Row:  Judy Fouquette, Arlene Rhine, Marilyn McGrath, Carol Hiestand.

    SCC-CAAEYC (formerly known as SCAEYC)  has a long and proud history of strong leadership and extraordinary member services.   Here are the leaders who have served as president throughout the years.

    Past Presidents

    1939-1941  Helen Christiansen

    1941-1943  Isabella Hannock

    1944-1945  Clara Dugan

    1945-1947  Rosalie Blau

    1947-1949  Molly Morgenroth

    1949-1951  Ruth Newland

    1951-1953  Elizabeth Woods

    1953-1955  Gertrude Stadtmueller

    1955-1957  Josephine Burgess

    1957-1959  Wilma Dahlquist-Meyers

    1959-1961  Tress Journey

    1961-1963  Alma Green

    1963-1965  Barbara Hovey

    1965-1967  Agatha Cohee

    1967-1969  Beth Leonard

    1969-1971  Barbara Hartman

    1971-1973  Viola Charmichael

    1973-1975  Marie Lerner

    1975-1977  Marie Clark

    1977-1979  Betsy Hiteshew

    1979-1980  Carol Murphy

    1980-1981  Nancy Lauder

    1981-1983  Marjorie Morris

    1983-1985  Deane Phinney

    1985-1987  Louise Dean

    1987-1989  Pat Gardner

    1989-1991  Fran Johnson

    1991-1993  Sally Sanger

    1993-1995  Renee Martinez

    1995-1997  Judie Fouquette

    1997-1999  Jo Ellen Tullis

    1999-2001  Arlene Rhine

    2001-2003  Margie Johnson

    2003-2004  Carol Hiestand

    2004-2006  Marilyn McGrath

    2006-2008  Holly Reynolds

    2008-2010  Lisa Wilkin

    2010-2012  Kathleen Pompey

    2012-2014  Fran Chasen

    2014-2016  Blanca Alarcon

    2016-2018  Anselma Sanchez

    2018-2020 Liliana Alvarez Hernandez

    2021-2023 Gloria Davis

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